2018 ‘Blockchain for Future Music Ecosystems’, Sustainability for Education funded pedagogical research

2017 ‘Moor / Plastic’, audiowork, Ffotogallery, Cardiff

2017 Bretton Woods, EP, Aftersun

2016 ‘Rydal Mount’, improvised musical performance, Gwyl Nawr, Swansea

2015 ‘...And The Rest Is Smoke’, composition & sound design, Venice Biennale

2014 ‘Playing Burton’ soundtrack, winner of Best Feature Film, BAFTA Cymru Awards

2012 'Society Is Possible', collaborative improvised music and audiovisual media project supported by University of Wales, Newport and Supernormal Festival

2012 'Present/s', original score, commissioned by Sounds New contemporary music festival, Canterbury

2012 'Outdoor Sports vs Frederick J Fredericks', improvisation featured on 'Missing Nothing' compilation album released by Bang the Bore

2011 'Outdoor Sports', video screening at Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment (SPANE), Toronto

2010 'Outdoor Sports', site-specific performance project funded by University of Wales, Newport and Chapter Arts Centre for Experimentica

2009 'Sound Pit', chair of public panel discussion between festival participants on developing trends in analogue and digital music practice for ‘May You Live in Interesting Times’, Cardiff Festival of Creative Technology, hosted by Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and Bloc

2008 'ImproBeat', improvisation meets techno at Club For Bach, Cardiff (research funded by University of Wales, Newport)

2007 'Music In A Room', composition / performance for Improvising Continuums conference hosted by University of Glamorgan (research funded by University of Wales, Newport)

2007 Matthew Lovett / Javier Carmona 'No. 6',  Improvisation featured on 'Brave New Wales' album released on Fourier Transform Records

2005 '10 Second Songs and Star Dance', essay and recordings featured in the 'Star Radio' exhibition at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales and catalogue published by Cardiff Bay Arts Trust

2004 Full Circle - 'Explorations', album released on Red Eye Music